Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chapter 1

I dare to dream, dare to have goals. My father would be mad if he ever knew. Well, mad isn't quite the word. Furious would be a more correct answer. I raised my arm, hammer in hand, looking down on my target, wanting to close my eyes in case I desecrated the appearance beyond recognition. I swung with force, hammer striking molten metal. My thoughts ran wild through my head, after all I was a lady. A Lord's daughter, the only daughter. 

My lot in life was not what I wished. I live in a castle beside the sea. Glamorous, I know, but it's not what you think. I'm asked to parade around in the most expensive handmade dresses, speak with a grace and an air, become something that is desired across the land. After-all, I needed a husband to be worth anything. My father's goal was the Prince; mine was freedom. 

My best friend in the whole world, who had been there for me since I was a child, was now teaching me the ways of a Blacksmith. Adran, like his father before, was a Blacksmith. In our spare time he would teach me. That was enough of a distraction to take me away from the dreary days I lived. Adran had an amazing family. His mother, Calissia, was my caretaker from the early age of three days old. My own mother had died after giving birth. My father didn't seem to mind that much, because she was replaced by Lady Dalli less than a week later. 

Lady Dalli never pretended to be my mother and never supplied my father with another child. She and I were actually friends, but she never went much further than asking how my needlepoint was coming along, or how my riding lesson was. Dalli was a sweet, but narrow minded lady. 

"Stop." Adran's words snapped me out of my head. Looking down my dagger looked more like a sharp horseshoe. Again. 

"Whoops," I sheepishly smiled. "I'll get it one of these days" 

Adran laughed, "Of course Anya, but for now, you are finished. Go to my mother, she will assist you to look more, appropriate for tonight's festivities."

Rolling my eyes as I turned on my heel, I walked upstairs to where Calissia sat waiting, sewing in her hand. "Lady Anya, your dress is waiting."

Moving into the back room, I changed from the brown dress covered in soot into a blue silk gown, fitted to my bodice down the slim frame of my torso, flaring out into a sea of blue of varying shades. Calissia took a brush to my long brown hair, pulling out the tangles that matted my hair. I heard her sigh in frustration, knowing it was from the lack of care given to my hair, I quietly whispered, "Sorry."

Calissia smiled, and spun my hair into swirls held together by crystal pins and pulled into a waterfall of hair and gems cascading down my neck and back. 

"Thank you, as always Calissia, you make me look the part." 

"My Lady, you are the part." Calissia pulled from her pocket a elaborate necklace and matching belt, adorning them quickly to my outfit. 

Sighing, I picked up my gown and satchel. I smiled at Calissia then took my leave. Heading out of their house, the green fields of grass rolling like the ocean in the distance. My horse stood patiently waiting as I climbed into the saddle. 

My last slice of freedom, for a little while at least. What you don't know, is that the festivities of tonight will continue for over a week. My duty was to grant my favor to the knights of the land coming to perform in all of their grander. Though it bores me the amusements certainly bring the people together, in a way that only festivals can do. And for a few days my father becomes the most beloved Lord in the land, providing a continuous supply of food and drink no matter your station. But tonight, I meet the knights, and I have been informed the Prince is planning to attend, along with half the court. 

My plan; disappear into the mass of Ladies all wanting for the Prince and his attention, making my father pleased that I tried but still failing none the less.


It was all too much. The flags lining the streets of all colors in the rainbow give me a headache. It seemed the marketeers were filling the streets with all manner of goods and trinkets. Exasperation left my body in the form of a disgruntles sigh.

"My Lady," a servant rushed to my horse's side. "Your father has sent me to find you and escort you to the palace your honored guests are there now."

Really? My father is the most absurd man in the world. Honored guests my foot. We all know who has been invited to stay at my house, the Prince.

I rode my horse through the gates of the manner house, sliding gracefully to the ground, I was then thankful for the amount of fabric that made up the bottom of my dress as it caught on my stirrup.

Making my way to the door I was greeted, by my father. "Anya, you're here. Please come."

I followed silently, hoping this would end quickly. Knowing it wouldn't, I shrugged my shoulders and put on a smile. I can honestly say I was shocked by what I saw when I entered the room. I mean I had heard rumors he was pleasant to view, but seriously. Not what I expected.

I swallowed slowly, the Prince was tall and broad in stature. His piercing blue eyes made me squirm. But the smile, I felt weak in my knees instantly, then He spoke.

My Book

A heroin, a love triangle, an extreme trial, does it sound familiar? 

Cause it's my book, inspired by certain genre of certain compiled books that inspired other people to write their "own" stories. 

Now, How do I make it better than anyone else's? Shove homosexuality in? No. Definitely not. Oh I know! Make the main character a cheater(Cause that makes the readers relate)! Nope, been there done that. Never works for anyone and I always kill them off. Abusive father? Overdone. Magic? Boring. Put magical creature in the book? I feel like I'm ripping off Narnia. 

Then what? What do I do to make my story original? Should I make it original at all or stick to the cliche of the genre I choose? 

I don't know, but I do know I want to share my story with all who wish to read. 

Chapter 1

I dare to dream, dare to have goals. My father would be mad if he ever knew. Well, mad isn't quite the word. Furious would be a more co...